Welcome to Arman Villas Seminyak Bali

Another hectic workday has ended and while you might desire a holiday. Being hustled and jostled in a hotel might not be your idea. While some of us might have the luxury of equipped hotel, villas is a godsend for your holiday and you can find myriad of villas in Bali.

Seminyak are most favorite addresses on the island now days. It has both life style and tranquility to enjoy the holiday.

The style is modern combined with exotic Balinese which blend beautifully in the natural landscape. Simple architecture and well chosen interiors with lush modern comfort. Arman Villas is no exception to this; all its guestrooms and living area carry simply exotic’s distinctive signature. last but not least afford guest’s privacy.

The ultimate indulgence for a couple but with more than enough space to share with family or friends too.

Arman Villas Seminyak has expansive private pool & plunge pool villas of 1,2 bedroom(s). Its elegantly arranged as exotic living just few minutes away from famous stretch of golden sand and tranquil waters of Seminyak and double six beaches, famed for its spectacular sunsets and beachfront restaurants.

Enjoy the friendly service from our team with most welcome smiles.

Come and experience the simply exotic living in Bali…